Trading SLP to PHP now in Binance

Trading SLP to PHP now in Binance

How to Sell SLP to PHP using Binance P2P

1) Ronin Account
2) Metamask Account
3) Binance Account
4) SLP Token should be present on your Metamask account, if not you should add it first.

Note: Time for the assets to be cleared from one account to another depends on how much gas fee you spend on every transaction.

Gas Fee – There are no fixed gas fees. Sometimes it’s high, sometimes it’s low. You can check the price of Gas fee at I suggest you have at least a $30 ceiling for gas fees.

Make sure you have at least $30 worth of ETH on your Metamask account because this is where all the gas fees get deducted.

Now for the Steps:
Step 1: Log in to your ronin wallet and metamask wallet thru browser extension.

Step 2: Log in to Axie Infinity Marketplace. PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK THE LINK. (

Step 3: Click “My Account”, Click “Claim Tokens”, then Claim your SLP. This step takes time so when you claim so please do not refresh your browser until you see the SLP on your Ronin Wallet browser extension.

Step 4: Once your SLP appears on your Ronin Wallet browser extension, Go back to “My Account” then click “Ronin Withdrawal”. It will open up the Ronin Bridge.

Step 5: There are 3 Text Boxes where you can type in.

Box 1: Etherium Address – This is where you will paste your METAMASK address.

Box 2: ASSET – This is where you will select if you will transfer AXS or SLP. So select SLP.

Box 3: Amount – This is where you will type how much SLP are you going to transfer.

IMPORTANT: Before clicking on the “NEXT” button, make sure you have at least $30 worth of ETH on your METAMASK account and I advise you to select the fastest gas fee on all your transactions.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you already added SLP Token on your Metamask Wallet, if not you have to manually add it first by going to:
( You should see the Metamask icon under the “Contract” field, just click that and it will automatically add SLP as one of your tokens.

Step 6: Check your METAMASK Wallet browser extension if the SLP is already added. If you see your SLP then you are good to go.

Step 7: Go to Binance and log in to your account. After logging in, click “Wallet” then select “Overview”.

Step 8: On the overview screen, click “Deposit” Then select Crypto Deposit.

Step 9: You will see a “Coin” text box on the next screen, just search for SLP. Select SLP and NOT SLPOLD.

Step 10: You will see a warning box and just click OK. Do not change anything on the screen. Copy your Binance Address

Step 11: Open your Metamask Wallet browser extension, make sure you are on Etherium Mainnet then click the “Send” button. Then paste your Binance address on the text box.

Step 12: You will see 2 text boxes and the gas fee involved in this transaction.

Box 1: Asset – Select your SLP Asset
Box 2: Amount – Click max (some suggests leaving at least 1slp for a smooth transaction)
Gas Fee: I advise select the “fastest” and make sure you have at least $30 ETH on your Metamask Wallet so you won’t encounter any issues.

Step 13: After setting everything up just click next to proceed with the transaction.

Step 14: If successful, you will find your SLP under P2P assets and from here you can now sell it to Binance.

How To Sell SLP to Binance

Step 1: Go to Trade, select P2P.
Step 2: Select “SELL” then select “SLP” Then change the currency to “PHP”
Step 3: From the set of buyers, select who you want to sell your SLP to. Then click “Sell SLP”
Step 4: There will be 2 text boxes

Box 1: I want to sell – This is where you will type how many SLP you wanted to sell

Box 2: Auto-Generated – This is how much you will receive

Step 4: Select Payment Method. Either bank transfer, Unionbank or Gcash.

Notable Cash Out Options for SLP in the Philippines

The following are the usual cash out options not just for SLP sale but also for crypto sale on the P2P platform:

1) GCash

2) PayMaya

3) UnionBank

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired universe where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can battle, collect, raise, and build a land-based kingdom for their pets.
All art assets and Axie genetic data can be easily accessed by 3rd parties, allowing community developers to build their own tools and experiences in the Axie Infinity universe.
While still in early access, Axie is ranked the #1 Ethereum game by daily, weekly, and monthly active users. It has generated over 13,000 ETH in revenue (16M+ USD) so far.
While Axie is a fun game, it’s also taken on characteristics of a social network and jobs platform due to the strong community and play to earn opportunities that have come from its early success.
The key difference between Axie and a traditional game is that Blockchain economic design is used to reward our players for their contributions to the ecosystem. This new model of gaming has been dubbed “play to earn”. Axie has attracted thousands of players from developing countries in the pursuit of a new income stream during the Covid pandemic. Many of these players are fathers, aunts, and even grandparents who have never used Blockchain technology before!

Players can earn by:
Competing in PVP battles to win leaderboard prizes.
Breeding Axies and selling them on the marketplace.
Collecting and speculating on rare Axies such as Mystics and Origins.
Farming for the love potions that are needed to breed Axies. These can be sold on exchanges such as Uniswap and Binance.
Starting in 2021 players can earn a governance token, AXS, which represents a real slice of the game universe as it has governance rights and fee sharing built into it. Since players can earn this token by playing, a Ready Player one type quest emerges where players can actually earn part of the universe. However, these quests are not winner takes all and rewards each player based on their effort and skill.

Axie’s Mission
Axie was built as a fun and educational way to introduce the world to blockchain technology. Many of the original team members met playing Crypto kitties, and it was their first time ever using Blockchain for anything other than pure speculation. They soon started working on Axie to introduce the magic of Blockchain technology to billions of players.

The Vision
We believe in a future where work and play become one.
We believe in empowering our players and giving them economic opportunities.
Most of all, we have a dream that battling and collecting cute creatures can change the world.
Welcome to our revolution.

-Axie Infinity Whitepaper

Axie Infinity Shards(AXS) are an ERC-20 governance token for the Axie Universe. AXS holders will be able to claim rewards if they stake their tokens, play the game, and participate in key governance votes. Players will also be able to earn $AXS when they play various games within the Axie Infinity Universe and through user-generated content initiatives.

The goal with Axie Infinity Shards is to align the incentives between the players of the game and the developers in novel and exciting ways. The mechanisms described above have two main goals:

  • To reward players for interacting with Axie Infinity while simultaneously incentivizing them to hold on to their tokens so they can claim additional rewards.
  • To decentralize the ownership and governance of Axie Infinity.

They want Axie to become the first game truly owned and operated by the community that plays it. This opens up limitless possibilities but must be approached carefully. In the past, projects have been abandoned and become stagnant using the term “decentralization” as a ruse. The shift to a true Decentralized organization will occur gradually over time.

In early 2021, the Community Treasury will go live. The Community Treasury will begin to receive revenues generated by Axie Infinity as well as a portion of staking rewards. This treasury will be governed by AXS stakers eventually, once the network has become sufficiently decentralized. A more detailed overview of the Treasury can be found here.

The token has been designed in collaboration with Delphi Digital who has put together an AXS staking guide so future holders can view the potential of AXS at a glance.


Watch cyberattacks realtime worldwide

1. Cyberthreat real-time map by Kaspersky shows you the real-time attack detected by their various source systems.

  • On-Scanner access
  • On-Demand Scanner
  • Web Anti-virus
  • Mail Anti-virus
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Vulnerability Scan
  • Kaspersky Anti-spam
  • Botnet Activity detection

2. FireEye Cyber Threat Map gives you an excellent summary of total attacks today with the following data.

  • Top 5 reported industries
  • Top attacker by country

3. This real-time visualization shows the phishing, malware, and command & control threats that Akamai is blocking (for customers) through its Intelligent Platform and its unprecedented insights into DNS and IP traffic.

4. There are three main types of attacks visualized on the Cyberthreat map by Bitdefender.

  • Spam
  • Infection
  • Attack

PrintNightmare now patched on all Windows versions

A remote code execution vulnerability exists when the Windows Print Spooler service improperly performs privileged file operations. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could run arbitrary code with SYSTEM privileges. An attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights.

UPDATE July 7, 2021: The security update for Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10, Version 1607 have been released. Please see the Security Updates table for the applicable update for your system. We recommend that you install these updates immediately. If you are unable to install these updates, see the FAQ and Workaround sections in this CVE for information on how to help protect your system from this vulnerability.

Microsoft has completed the investigation and has released security updates to address this vulnerability. Please see the Security Updates table for the applicable update for your system. We recommend that you install these updates immediately. If you are unable to install these updates, see the FAQ and Workaround sections in this CVE for information on how to help protect your system from this vulnerability. See also KB5005010: Restricting installation of new printer drivers after applying the July 6, 2021 updates.

Note that the security updates released on and after July 6, 2021 contain protections for CVE-2021-1675 and the additional remote code execution exploit in the Windows Print Spooler service known as “PrintNightmare”, documented in CVE-2021-34527.

Detailed steps on how to install these out-of-band security updates are available in the support documents linked below:

“Microsoft recommends that you immediately install this update on all supported Windows client and server operating system, starting with devices that currently host the print server role,” the company added.

“You also have the option to configure the RestrictDriverInstallationToAdministrators registry setting to prevent non-administrators from installing signed printer drivers on a print server. For more information, see KB5005010.”


Is this the vulnerability that has been referred to publicly as PrintNightmare?

Yes, Microsoft has assigned CVE-2021-34527 to this vulnerability.

Is this vulnerability related to CVE-2021-1675?

This vulnerability is similar but distinct from the vulnerability that is assigned CVE-2021-1675. The attack vector is different as well. CVE-2021-1675 was addressed by the security update released on June 8, 2021.

Did the June 2021 update introduce this vulnerability?

No, the vulnerability existed before the June 8, 2021 security update.

All versions of Windows are listed in the Security Updates table. Are all versions vulnerable?

All versions of Windows are vulnerable. As of July 7, 2021, Microsoft has released security updates for this vulnerability for all supported versions of Windows listed in the security updates table in this CVE.

What vulnerabilities do the security updates released on and after July 6, 2021 address?

The security updates released on and after July 6, 2021 contain protections for a remote code execution exploit in the Windows Print Spooler service known as “PrintNightmare”, documented in CVE-2021-34527, as well as for CVE-2021-1675.

Are Domain Controllers known to be affected by the vulnerability?

Domain controllers are affected if the print spooler service is enabled.

Are client systems and member servers that are not domain controllers known to be affected by the vulnerability?

Yes. All editions of Windows are affected.

How can I see attack activity on my network related to this vulnerability?

Security products, like Microsoft 365 Defender, offer different ways to view relevant alerts and telemetry. Microsoft has published our recommendations for seeing this sort of behavior at our GitHub here: Microsoft 365 Defender Hunting Queries. Customers using other technologies can adapt this logic for use in their environments.

How is Point and Print technology affected by this particular vulnerability?

Point and Print is not directly related to this vulnerability, but the technology weakens the local security posture in such a way that exploitation will be possible. To disallow Point and Print for non-administrators make sure that warning and elevation prompts are shown for printer installs and updates. The following registry keys are not present by default. Verify that the keys are not present or change the following registry values to 0 (zero):

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Printers\PointAndPrint
  • NoWarningNoElevationOnInstall = 0 (DWORD)
  • NoWarningNoElevationOnUpdate = 0 (DWORD)

We also recommend explicitly listing specific print servers which should be used by clients.

Note Using Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of Registry Editor can be solved. Use Registry Editor at your own risk. For information about how to edit the registry, view the “Changing Keys And Values” Help topic in Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) or view the “Add and Delete Information in the Registry” and “Edit Registry Data” Help topics in Regedt32.exe.


Hiren’s BootCD just got a major update

Hiren’s BootCD (HBCD short) was a CD or USB stick bootable live system running on a customized “Mini Windows XP ” ( Windows PE ) and the boot manager grub4dos based. In addition, the Linux distribution Parted Magic was offered at the start. The last version is from 11/2012. The current Hiren’s BootCD PE (Preinstallation Environment) is a restored version of Hiren’s BootCD based on Windows 10 PE x64 (v1.0.1). Since there have been no official updates since November 2012, the PE version is maintained by an independent developer community.

The main goal is to rescue or restore defective Microsoft Windows systems. Furthermore, it offers numerous possibilities for data recovery, backup, and forensics. The software is recommended as an irreplaceable ” Swiss Army Knife ” for PC maintenance and is one of the most frequently downloaded software in download portals.

Download page:

Direct Download:


Hiren’s BootCD PE x64 v1.0.2 (1 July 2021):

  • Hiren’s BootCD PE Windows 10 core has been updated to version 21H1 (build 19043.928).
  • 195 new drivers have been integrated at the IO, Network and Storage categories.
  • Almost all utilities have been updated.
  • New added utilities: DMDE, ReclaiMe, PhotoRec, Unstoppable Copier, Test Disk, Crystal Disk Info, DiskGenius, EaseUS Partition Master, Macrorit Partition Expert, Eraser, VLC Media Player, McAfee Stinger, Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, Windows Login Unlocker.
  • Removed utilities: Runtime (GetDataBack for FAT, GetDataBack for NTFS, GetDataBack Simple, NAS Data Recovery, RAID Reconstructor, RAID Recovery for Windows, Captain Nemo, DiskExplorer for FAT, DiskExplorer for Linux, DiskExplorer for NTFS), CCleaner, Teamviewer.

Hiren’s BootCD PE x64 (v1.0.2) – ISO Content


  • BootIce v1.3.3
  • EasyBCD v2.3

Hard Disk Tools – Data Recovery

  • CheckDisk GUI v0.3.1
  • Lazesoft Data Recovery v4.0.0.1
  • Puran Data Recovery v1.2.0
  • Puran File Recovery v1.2.0
  • Recuva v1.53.0.1087
  • DMDE v3.8.0
  • ReclaiMe build 3475
  • PhotoRec v7.2
  • Unstoppable Copier v5.2

Hard Disk Tools – Defrag

  • Defraggler v2.22.33.995

Hard Disk Tools – Diagnostic

  • GSmartControl v1.1.3
  • HDDScan v4.1
  • HDTune v2.55
  • WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics v1.37
  • Crystal Disk Info v8.12.2
  • Test Disk v7.2

Hard Disk Tools – Imaging

  • Acronis TrueImage 2021 build 39216
  • AOMEI Backupper v6.5.1
  • Lazesoft Disk Image & Clone v4.0.0.1
  • Macrium Reflect PE v7.3.5925
  • Runtime DriveImage XML v2.60

Hard Disk Tools – Partition Tools

  • AOMEI Partition Assistant v9.2.1
  • Macrorit Partition Extender v1.5.0
  • Macrorit Partition Expert v5.6.1
  • DiskGenius v5.4.2.1239
  • EaseUS Partition Master v14.5

Hard Disk Tools – Security

  • HDD Low Level Format Tool v4.40
  • Eraser v6.2

Windows Recovery

  • Lazesoft Windows Recovery v4.0.0.1

Other Tools

  • FSViewer v7.5
  • Free Office rev 703
  • Sumatra PDF v3.2
  • 7-Zip v21.02
  • ExamDiff Pro v12.0.1.1
  • HxD v2.5.0
  • Notepad++ v8.1
  • WinMerge v2.16.12
  • VLC Media Player v3.0.16

Removable Drive Tools

  • CDBurnerXP v4.5.8.7128
  • Rufus v3.14.1788

Security – AntiVirus

  • ESET Online Scanner v3.5.6
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware v2.2.1.1043
  • McAfee Stinger v12.2.0.268
  • Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Security – KeyFinders

  • ProduKey v1.97
  • ShowKeyPlus v1.0.7060

Security – Passwords

  • Lazesoft Password Recovery v4.0.0.1
  • NT Password Edit v0.7
  • Windows Login Unlocker v1.6

System Tools

  • CPU-Z v1.96
  • GPU-Z v2.40
  • HWInfo v7.04-4480
  • Speccy v1.32.774
  • WinNTSetup v4.6.3
  • Attribute Changer v10.0
  • Change Keyboard Layout v1.0.0
  • Dependency Walker v2.2.6
  • Registry Backup v4.0.0
  • Regshot v2.0.1.70
  • SysInternals Suite
  • PowerShell Core v7.1.3


  • Aero Admin v4.7
  • Acrylic Wi-Fi Home v4.5.7802
  • Chrome v91.0.4472.106
  • Mozilla Firefox Quantum ESR v78.11.0.7821
  • PENetwork v0.59.0.B12

Windows 11 specs, features, and computer requirements – with opensource Win11 compatibility checker

WhyNotWin11 will check hardware compatibility in a number of areas including CPU type, TPM version, amount of RAM and more.

Run the tool, run it as administrator. You will see results that look something like this image:


Direct download:

System requirements

These are the basic requirements for installing Windows 11 on a PC. If your device does not meet these requirements, you may not be able to install Windows 11 on your device and might want to consider purchasing a new PC. If you are unsure whether your PC meets these requirements, you can check with your PC Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or, if your device is already running Windows 10, you can use the PC Health Check app to assess compatibility.

Processor:1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC)
RAM:4 gigabyte (GB)
Storage:64 GB or larger storage deviceNote: See below under “More information on storage space to keep Windows 11 up-to-date” for more details.
System firmware:UEFI, Secure Boot capable
TPM:Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
Graphics card:Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver
Display:High definition (720p) display that is greater than 9” diagonally, 8 bits per colour channel
Internet connection and Microsoft accounts: Windows 11 Home edition requires internet connectivity and a Microsoft account to complete device setup on first use.Switching a device out of Windows 11 Home in S mode also requires internet connectivity. Learn more about S mode here.For all Windows 11 editions, internet access is required to perform updates and to download and take advantage of some features. A Microsoft account is required for some features.

There may be additional requirements over time for updates, as well as requirements to turn on specific features within the OS.

Feature-specific requirements for Windows 11

Some features in Windows 11 have increased requirements beyond those listed above in the minimum requirements section. Below are some additional details regarding requirements for key features:

  • 5G support requires 5G capable modem.
  • Auto HDR requires an HDR monitor.
  • BitLocker to Go requires a USB flash drive (available in Windows Pro and above editions).
  • Client Hyper-V requires a processor with second level address translation (SLAT) capabilities (available in Windows Pro and above editions).
  • Cortana requires a microphone and speaker and is currently available on Windows 11 for Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom and United States.
  • DirectStorage requires an NVMe SSD to store and run games that use the “Standard NVM Express Controller” driver and a DirectX12 GPU with Shader Model 6.0 support.
  • DirectX 12 Ultimate is available with supported games and graphics chips.
  • Presence requires sensor that can detect human distance from device or intent to interact with device.
  • Intelligent Video Conferencing requires video camera, microphone and speaker (audio output).
  • Multiple Voice Assistant (MVA) requires a microphone and speaker.
  • Snap three-column layouts require a screen that is 1920 effective pixels or greater in width.
  • Mute/Unmute from Taskbar requires video camera, microphone and speaker (audio output). App must be compatible with feature to enable global mute/unmute.
  • Spatial Sound requires supporting hardware and software.
  • Teams requires video camera, microphone and speaker (audio output).
  • Touch requires a screen or monitor that supports multi-touch.
  • Two-factor Authentication requires use of PIN, biometric (fingerprint reader or illuminated infrared camera), or a phone with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Voice Typing requires a PC with a microphone.
  • Wake on Voice requires Modern Standby power model and microphone.
  • Wi-Fi 6E requires new WLAN IHV hardware and driver and a Wi-Fi 6E capable AP/router.
  • Windows Hello requires a camera configured for near infrared (IR) imaging or fingerprint reader for biometric authentication. Devices without biometric sensors can use Windows Hello with a PIN or portable Microsoft compatible security key.
  • Windows Projection requires a display adapter which supports Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 2.0 and a Wi-Fi adapter that supports Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Xbox (app) requires an Xbox Live account, which is not available in all regions. See Xbox Live Countries and Regions for the most up-to-date information on availability. Some features in the Xbox app will require an active Xbox Game Pass subscription. Learn more about the pass.

Feature deprecation and removal

When upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10 or when installing an update to Windows 11, some features may be deprecated or removed. Please see below for information regarding some of the key features impacted:

  • Cortana will no longer be included in the first boot experience or pinned to the Taskbar.
  • Desktop wallpaper cannot be roamed to or from device when signed in with a Microsoft account.
  • Internet Explorer is disabled. Microsoft Edge is the recommended replacement and includes IE Mode which may be useful in certain scenarios.
  • Math Input Panel is removed. Math Recognizer will install on demand and includes the maths input control and recogniser. Maths inking in apps like OneNote are not impacted by this change.
  • News & Interests has evolved. New functionality has been added which can be found by clicking the Widgets icon on the Taskbar.
  • Quick Status from the Lockscreen and associated settings are removed.
  • S Mode is only available now for Windows 11 Home edition.
  • Snipping Tool continues to be available but the old design and functionality in the Windows 10 version has been replaced with those of the app previously known as Snip & Sketch.
  • Start is significantly changed in Windows 11 including the following key deprecations and removals:
    • Named groups and folders of apps are no longer supported and the layout is not currently resizable.
    • Pinned apps and sites will not migrate when upgrading from Windows 10.
    • Live Tiles are no longer available. For glanceable, dynamic content, see the new Widgets feature.
  • Tablet Mode is removed and new functionality and capability is included for keyboard attach and detach postures.
  • Taskbar functionality is changed including:
    • People is no longer present on the Taskbar.
    • Some icons may no longer appear in the System Tray (systray) for upgraded devices including previous customisations.
    • Alignment to the bottom of the screen is the only location allowed.
    • Apps can no longer customise areas of the Taskbar.
  • Timeline is removed. Some similar functionality is available in Microsoft Edge.
  • Touch Keyboard will no longer dock and undock keyboard layouts on screen sizes 18 inches and larger.
  • Wallet is removed.

The following apps will not be removed on upgrade but will no longer be installed on new devices or when clean-installing Windows 11. They are available for download from the Store:

Keeping Windows 11 up-to-date

As part of the effort to continually improve the Windows experience, software updates and fixes are created and released. These updates are delivered to your device during the device’s supported lifecycle.

Ensuring that your device is kept up to date is important for your device security and functionality. With an internet connection, Windows 11 will periodically check for updates so you don’t have to (ISP fees might apply). You can check to see if there are any pending or optional updates available for your device by going to Settings | Update & Security | Windows Update.

It is important to ensure you have enough free storage space to install updates and you may need to check to see if your hardware is still supported by your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Visit the Lifecycle FAQ for Windows products to learn more about Windows lifecycle and servicing policies.

More information on storage space requirements to keep Windows 11 up-to-date

The size of the Windows operating system that comes with your device and the amount of free storage space needed to download and install Windows updates are highly variable as they depend on a variety of factors. Visit here to learn why. The factors that impact the amount of free space needed to take an update include: the versions of Windows previously installed on the machine; the amount of free storage space available from Windows files to reuse, such as the virtual memory pagefile or hibernation file; which applications are installed on your device; and how those applications store data. When updating, Windows will attempt to free up enough space automatically and to guide you through freeing up even more if the automatic clean-up is not sufficient. You can also take steps on your own to free up space.

Language versions

Windows 11 full localisation languages include: Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Bulgarian (Bulgaria), Chinese (PRC), Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian (Croatia), Czech (Czech Republic), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Netherlands), English (United Kingdom), English (United States), Estonian (Estonia), Finnish (Finland), French (France), French (Canada), German (Germany), Greek (Greece), Hebrew (Israel), Hungarian (Hungary), Italian (Italy), Japanese (Japan), Korean (Korea), Latvian (Latvia), Lithuanian (Lithuania), Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian (Romania), Russian (Russia), Serbian (Latin, Serbia), Slovak (Slovakia), Slovenian (Slovenia), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), Swedish (Sweden), Thai (Thailand), Turkish (Turkey), Ukrainian (Ukraine).

Additional languages available as Language Interface Packs

Cybercriminals are targeting gamers with “mining malware” via cracked games

“Crackonosh” malware is being hidden in free versions of games like NBA 2K19, Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 5, The Sims 4 and Jurassic World Evolution, which are available to download on torrent sites, Avast said on Thursday.

Crackonosh is distributed along with illegal, cracked copies of popular software and searches for and disables many popular antivirus programs as part of its anti-detection and anti-forensics tactics.

The main target of Crackonosh was the installation of the coinminer XMRig.

Crackonosh installs itself by replacing critical Windows system files and abusing the Windows Safe mode to impair system defenses.

This malware further protects itself by disabling security software, operating system updates and employs other anti-analysis techniques to prevent discovery, making it very difficult to detect and remove.

In summary, Crackonosh shows the risks in downloading cracked software and demonstrates that it is highly profitable for attackers.

  1. First, the victim runs the installer for the cracked software.
  2. The installer runs maintenance.vbs
  3. Maintenance.vbs then starts the installation using serviceinstaller.msi
  4. Serviceinstaller.msi registers and runs serviceinstaller.exe, the main malware executable.
  5. Serviceintaller.exe drops StartupCheckLibrary.DLL.
  6. StartupCheckLibrary.DLL downloads and runs wksprtcli.dll.
  7. Wksprtcli.dll extracts newer winlogui.exeand drops winscomrssrv.dll and winrmsrv.exewhich it contains, decrypts and places in the folder.
Name of infected installerSHA256
NBA 2K19E497EE189E16CAEF7C881C1C311D994AE75695C5087D09051BE59B0F0051A6CF
Grand Theft Auto V65F39206FE7B706DED5D7A2DB74E900D4FAE539421C3167233139B5B5E125B8A
Far Cry 54B01A9C1C7F0AF74AA1DA11F8BB3FC8ECC3719C2C6F4AD820B31108923AC7B71
The Sims 4 Seasons7F836B445D979870172FA108A47BA953B0C02D2076CAC22A5953EB05A683EDD4
Euro Truck Simulator 293A3B50069C463B1158A9BB3A8E3EDF9767E8F412C1140903B9FE674D81E32F0
The Sims 49EC3DE9BB9462821B5D034D43A9A5DE0715FF741E0C171ADFD7697134B936FA3
Jurassic World EvolutionD8C092DE1BF9B355E9799105B146BAAB8C77C4449EAD2BDC4A5875769BB3FB8A
Fallout 4 GOTY6A3C8A3CA0376E295A2A9005DFBA0EB55D37D5B7BF8FCF108F4FFF7778F47584
Call of CthulhuD7A9BF98ACA2913699B234219FF8FDAA0F635E5DD3754B23D03D5C3441D94BFB
Pro Evolution Soccer 20188C52E5CC07710BF7F8B51B075D9F25CD2ECE58FD11D2944C6AB9BF62B7FBFA05
We Happy FewC6817D6AFECDB89485887C0EE2B7AC84E4180323284E53994EF70B89C77768E1

Removal of Crackonosh

The following steps are required to fully remove Crackonosh.

Delete the following Scheduled Tasks (Task Schedulers)

Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience\StartupCheckLibrary
Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\winrmsrv\

Delete the following files from c:\Windows\system32\


Delete the following file from C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Local Settings\Application Data\Programs\Common (%localappdata%\Programs\Common)

Delete the following file from C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\

Delete the following Windows registry keys (using regedit.exe)

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender value DisableAntiSpyware
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Real-Time Protection value DisableBehaviorMonitoring
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Real-Time Protection value DisableOnAccessProtection
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Real-Time Protection value DisableScanOnRealtimeEnable
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center value AntiVirusDisableNotify
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center value FirewallDisableNotify
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center value UpdatesDisableNotify
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer value HideSCAHealth
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Reporting value DisableEnhancedNotifications
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run value winlogui

Restore the following default Windows services (Note: depends on your OS version – see

Reinstall Windows Defender and any third-party security software, if any was installed.

Error messages
On infected machines, sometimes the following error messages about the file Maintenance.vbs can appear.

Type Mismatch: ‘CInt’, Code: 800A000D
Can not find script file

Both of these are bugs in the Crackonosh installation.


Renewal of NBI clearance can now be paid online and be delivered

Charlene XoXo

NBI announced its NBI Clearance Online Quick Renewal Pick-Up and Delivery Service that can be accessed at

“In the advent of 21st century technology such as the internet and introduction of Electronic Cash payments and ‘bayad’ (payment) centers, it is only natural for the Bureau to find ways and means to further make the NBI clearance easily accessible to the public at large,” NBI Officer-in-Charge Director Eric B. Distor said in his video message.

“Beginning with the first on-line application site set up by the Bureau’s ICTD (Information Communication Technology Division) we have now upgraded the NBI online clearance system with an IPAY Delivery Service,” he said.

“This innovation in our clearance service is further meant to lessen the troubles and inconvenience of the average Filipino from applying for renewal of his NBI clearance in person, as well as afford him the luxury of having his documents sent by courier service at the very doorsteps of his home,” he added.

  1. Visit the NBI Clearance website.
  2. On the Register box, tick the “No” box next to “Do you have an old NBI clearance?”
  3. Fill out the NBI Clearance Online Account Registration form.
  4. Tick the box next to “I accept terms of service.” Read the Terms of Service and click the Agree button.
  5. Click the Sign Up button. An Important Reminder box will show. Review the information there. Click the Yes button to confirm.
  6. Once you see a confirmation of successful registration on the screen, log in to your account by entering your email address and password.
  7. Fill out the NBI Clearance Online Application Form. Once done, click the Save Information button.
  8. Double-check your information. To make changes to your personal details, click the Edit Information button. Then click the Save Information button again after editing your info.
  9. Click the Apply for Clearance button.
  10. On the Confirmation box, enter the valid ID you’ll present. Although only one ID is being asked for this step, you’ll still need to bring two valid IDs to your scheduled appointment.
  11. Click the I Agree button to proceed with the NBI online process.

DeliveryBox’s delivery service is currently available in NCR and beyond with corresponding delivery fees:

• Within NCR – PHP 200
• Outside NCR – PHP 350

Once the payment has been successful, all transactions are non-refundable.

According to NBI, the approximate time to deliver your NBI Clearance is about 5 to 10 working days.

Excel Financial Modeling as an E-Sport

Watch eight top financial modelers around the world work their mad #Excel skills

Meet the participants of the 888 Battle. 8 top financial modelers, 8 countries. 8th of June.

Watch how these top minds use the most of Excel’s capabilities to solve complex problems in no time.

The participants hail from all over the world, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, South-Africa, India and others. To make things even more exciting, the entire event will have a broadcast on YouTube, so you can watch along at home starting June 8. While we may not be seeing flashy plays or crazy highlights, it’s certainly interesting to possibly see a new esport develop.

Hosts of the event: Adam Callens and Danielle Stein Fairhurst. They took the lead of the event by “dissecting” participant models as they are being created. They spot some use-cases where taking advantage of the latest Excel functionalities might do the trick more efficiently.

Microsoft sets a kill date for Windows 10 support – same with what happened to Windows XP and 7

Windows 10 is a major release of the Windows NToperating system developed by Microsoft. It is the successor to Windows 8.1, released nearly two years earlier, and was released to manufacturing on July 15, 2015, and broadly released for the general public on July 29, 2015. Windows 10 was made available for download via MSDN and Technet, as a free upgrade for retail copies of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users via the Windows Store, and to Windows 7 users via Windows Update. Windows 10 receives new builds on an ongoing basis, which are available at no additional cost to users, in addition to additional test builds of Windows 10, which are available to Windows Insiders. Devices in enterprise environments can receive these updates at a slower pace, or use long-term support milestones that only receive critical updates, such as security patches, over their ten-year lifespan of extended support.

On Microsoft’s Windows 10 Home and Pro Lifecycle Policy page, the company states that it will “continue to support at least one Windows 10 Semi-Annual Channel until October 14, 2025.” Underneath, it then lists the retirement date of “Windows 10 Home and Pro” as “10/14/2025”. It outlines when support will end for various builds, like the current version (21H1), which will be supported through December 13, 2022. The end of the road for Windows 10 in general, however, is a little over four years from now.

Windows 10 Support: